Team Denmark


Sidsel R. Lauridsen with Border Collie Wave (Germal Prada)

Germal Prada

Germal Prada

Helle Larssen with Border Collie Jazz (Littlethorn Top Fuel)

Littlethorn Top Fuel

Littlethorn Top Fuel

Anja Christiansen with Border Collie Queeny (Fæhunden’s Queeny Las)

Fæhunden's Queeny Las

Fæhunden’s Queeny Las

Helle Larssen with Border Collie Doggie (Littlethorn Avensis)

Littlethorn Avensis

Littlethorn Avensis

Reserve Annette K. Dalgaard with Border Collie Neo (Kløverbakken’s Jack Sparrow)

Kløverbakken's Jack Sparrow

Kløverbakken’s Jack Sparrow



Sofie E. Hjort with Border Collie Quincy (Fæhunden’s Quincy Lad)

Fæhunden's Quincy Lad

Fæhunden’s Quincy Lad

Johanna Allanach with Border Collie Soda (Kojima’s E-Physical Graffiti)


Kojima’s E-Physical Graffiti

Kojima’s E-Physical Graffiti


Emmy Simonsen with Border Collie Hero (Littlethorn Feet Of Flames)

Littlethorn Feet Of Flames

Littlethorn Feet Of Flames

Emmy Simonsen with Sheltie Biscuit (The Charmed Ones’ Biscuit In Blue)

The Charmed Ones' Biscuit In Blue

The Charmed Ones’ Biscuit In Blue

Reserve Jette Haastrup with Dachshund Addi (Precenta’s Addi)

Precenta's Addi

Precenta’s Addi

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