Mari Gøbel, Judge at the Nordic Championship

Photo: Sten Arne B. Brunsby

Photo: Sten Arne B. Brunsby

I’m Mari Gøbel, and I live in Norway with my three kids, husband and my wonderful golden retriever, Gaia.

When I first saw Carolyn Scott and Rookie with their impressing and inspiring routine on YouTube in 2004, I knew this was the sport for us. I have been quite active in developing the sport in Norway as an instructor, judge, competitor, part of several committees and former deputy Chairman in the Norwegian Freestyle Association.

Gaia Photo: Merete Huser

Photo: Merete Huser

Gaia and I competed in the past, but we have participated in more performances than competitions.

Freestyle finally became an official sport in Norway in 2010, and unfortunately I have not had time to compete seriously after that year. That said, I am still actively involved in developing the rules for the sport in Norway, and I’m a quite active judge in Norway. I still work as an instructor, holding multiple courses a year. So even though I am not an active competitor, I am active and highly involved in the sport. We love training and performing, and compete together with my wonderful “Showgroup” in class 6+.

The Shwgroup Photo: ASTA photo

The Show Group
Photo: ASTA photo

Photo: ASTA Photo

Photo: ASTA Photo

The Show Group

The Show Group

Besides freestyle, Gaia and I have been competing in Rally-obedience and agility, but most of all she is the perfect family dog!

I am much honored to be judging the Nordic Championship, and I’m really looking forward to appreciate all the great routines in the competition.

Wish you all the best of luck!

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