Corinne Médauer, Judge at the Nordic Championship

I am Corinne Médauer and I live in France with my husband, my daughter and our 8 dogs. It all started long time ago with our Pyrenean Shepherds that we have bred for several years. Now the 4 that still live with us are between 10 and 17 years old, they were agility and show dogs. We also have 4 border collies, 3 of them have practiced agility. And, the last one, my boy Duster – a real challenge in my life. My goal with him is to reach the highest level and to have fun both in the ring and in life in general.



Heelwork To Music started in France in 2004 with some demonstrations but the official start was in 2005, when the French kennel club recognized this dog sport. I started at that time and have been a judge in 2005 too.

Corinne Médauer and Vulcain

Corinne Médauer and Vulcain

I have been involved in developing this dog sport in France. I regularly compete with Vulcain and sometimes Fly my daughter’s BC.

Corinne Médauer and Fly

Corinne Médauer and Fly

In 2012 the kennel club recognized the 2 divisions HTM and FS -earlier we had one devision, which was a mix of both. Splitting the two devisions was a good news for those competing abroad (like for WC or OEC) as it has made our routines more suitable for the international competitions.

I was member of the French team twice 2010 and 2012 and entered the OEC 2011 and 2012 as individual competitor. 

In 2009 I won the Grand Prix de France (the French Championship) with Vulcain. 2010 I was placed 3rd. 2011 I could not take part at the competition. Last year I ended 2nd in Freestyle and 3rd in HTM still with Vulcain.

Corinne Médauer with Vulcain

Corinne Médauer with Vulcain

It is a great honour to be invited to judge the Nordic Championship and I really look forward to appreciate all the fabulous routines, you will perform. Good luck to everyone taking part of this event. Enjoy the time in the ring – but also life in general with your dog.

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