Freestyle results – mistake found!

After having double checked the results, we have unfortunately discovered a mistake in the Freestyle results.

The correct results in Top 7 in Freestyle is:

  1. Sofie Eggerth Hjort with Fæhunden’s Quincy Lad
  2. Sandra Kagevik with Hostgladjens Golden Dream
  3. Emmy Marie Simonsen with Littlethorn Feet Of Flames
  4. Marianne Aas with Memory of Sara av Sea Perto
  5. Linnea Vejde with Force Galaxie’s Furst Wolf
  6. Johanna Allanach with Kojima’s E-Physical Graffiti
  7. Carina Persson with Obettets Pop

Download the corrected xls file here!

We apologize especially to Linnea and Marianne, who are affected by this. We are so sorry for this mistake.

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Download all of the results from the Nordic HTM Championship 2013 here!

Download all of the results from the Nordic Freestyle Championship 2013 here!


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final results

All  the detailed results will be published tonight…

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Individual results, freestyle

1. Sofie E. Hjorth (DK)  53,26

2. Sandra Kagevik (S)  52,06

3. Emmy Simonsen (DK)  51,70

4. Linnéa Vejde (S)  50,54

5. Marianne Aas (N)  50,50

6, Johanna Allanach (DK)  49,93

7, Carina Persson (S)  49,27



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Final individual results, HTM

1. Anja Christiansen  (DK)  54,6

2. Sidsel R. Lauridsen (DK)  53,73

3. Katja Tamminen (FIN)  52,36

4. Helle Larsen (Doggie) (DK)  48,53

5. Sabine Åstrøm (S)  48,23

6. Ulrika Persson (S)  48,13

7. Helle Larssen (Jazz) (DK)  47,17

8. Carina Persson (S)

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Demonstration rounds, sunday

There is 3 pairs performing after the official competition. It is:

Jessica Karlgren/Izi

Sini Eriksson/Sonic

Ine Rosland/Lillan

Today no mistakes happened with Jessica’s music and she and Izi made a very nice performance. Sini and Sonic is next with their fun freestyle routine.  Ine and Lillan made a freestyle routine to the music from the movie Pocahontas. The Shi Tzu managed fine to work in such a big arena 🙂

jessica Ine

download (14)

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Helle Larssen/Littlethorn Top Fuel

Music: “Lambeth Walk” from Me and My Girl

Great performance by Helle and Jazz. Excellent routine with many difficult moves.



Littlethorn Top Fuel

Littlethorn Top Fuel

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